MOME - Moholy Nagy Művészeti Egyetem


Ceramic Art and Design MA
4 semesters
120 credits

Course directos: Péter Kemény, Éva Kádasi

Graduates from the programme are capable of providing high quality professional solutions to contemporary needs. Students develop their practical skills in MOME workshops, in professional art centres and in national industrial product technology. With their professional background they are able to design and create high quality small-series products. Detailed knowledge of the production process helps students not only in industrial planning but also in creating individual, limited series of objects. During the four semesters of the MA programme students reach a higher level of thinking as independent designers through product design, architectural ceramic design and studio design projects. Students are also provided the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in one of the University's European partner institutions. Functional objects created as part of the diploma project are produced exclusively in industrial sites. Besides the area of design, the curriculum of the MA programme places equal emphasis on autonomous aspirations. Similar to the diversity of projects to come in later professional life, there exists no division line between the applied and the autonomous areas of work carried out during the training – students' characters, interests may develop in either way. Graduates from the MA programme in Ceramic Design at MOME may continue their studies in the doctoral programme or start their career in designer communities or on their own with a solid technical and theoretical background to their profession.

Course list


Cultural, Economic and Legal Framework of Artistic Creation
Design Theory 1
Form Creation Atelier Practices
Porcelain History


Design and Art from the Perspective of Social Sciences 1
Actual Questions of Design Culture
Actual Questions of Media
Actual Questions of Space
Combinations of Materials (Integrative Design)
Design Theory 1
Universal Design


Universal Design


Master Work

*Besides the compulsary subjects, the completion of a number of alternative subjects (theoretical studies, speciality subjects) and free elective subjects, specified in the syllabuses, are necessary for completing the training.