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KISKAKAS Animation Celebration 2015 featuring Japan

kiskakas 2015

Organised for the seventh time in a row by the animation department of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME), in 2015 KISKAKAS Animation Celebration returns with Japan, the super power of animation as its guest of honour country. A contemporary Japanese screening block (curated by Ms Sayoko Kinoshita, director of the Hiroshima International Animation Festival) along with selections from the best student works from the Animation Department of the Tokyo University of the Arts is featured in this year’s program.

In its traditional MOME Fresh screening program, KISKAKAS will also present the freshest student works created at MOME Anim: at the MOME Fresh screenings the most recent diploma and workshop films, as well as the last two MOME Anim films created in the framework of the international Essemble program are presented.

Some of the most exciting, recent works from the international partner institutions of MOME Anim are also be shown in the screening block of the Animation Sans Frontières (ASF) educational project, featuring the Danish The Animation Worksop, the French Gobelins, and the German Filmakademie Badem–Württemberg.

KISKAKAS Animation Celebration featuring Japanese Animation at MOME

23rd April Thursday
An introduction to the history of Japanese animation film 1
Held by Ilan Nguyên, Tokyo University of the Arts (GEIDAI) in English.
Screening of Japanese animated short films
The films are screened in Japanese with English subtitles or dubbing.
Presentation about the Tokyo University of the Arts (GEIDAI)
Held by Prof. Yuichi Ito, leader of GEIDAI’s Animation Department.  In Japanese with English translation.

24th April Friday
An introduction to the history of Japanese animation film 2
Held by Ilan Nguyên, Tokyo University of the Arts (GEIDAI)

A rather well known country in the world history of cinema, Japan is also one of the most important producing countries for animation films, but that long and huge tradition of animated cinema is still largely unknown, even inside Japan.
During these sessions, we will try to summarize the history of this national production, that has developed in its own manner, and still relies on specific trends and raises issues of its own, ahead from the rest of the world.

The Tokyo University of the Arts (better known as GEIDAI) was the first national art university in Japan that was founded more than 120 years ago. The Graduate School of Film and New Media was established in 2005, and its Department of Animation led by Professor Yuichi Ito, the acclaimed animation filmmaker, was founded in 2008. Ever since the department has been producing some of the most exciting and freshest works in Japanese animation; in 2010, the Department was recognized as the “Best Animation School” at Animafest, the Zagreb World Animation Festival.

Kiskakas Animation Celebration

Time: 2015. April 23-24.
Place: Toldi Cinema

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