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Juha Leiviskä at MOME

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Juha Leiviskä, the prominent architect from Finland held a presentation with the title „My vision of Architecture” on 15th of April in the Auditorium of MOME.

Juha Leiviskä is an architect and designer, renowned especially for his sacral buildings. A characteristic of Leiviskä’s architecture is the subtle and delicate use of light. His buildings share the qualities of being monumental, yet at the same time intimate, with the light taking a central role in the architecture. Leiviskä is also a skilled lighting designer. His lightings are characterized by a simple and subtle design that sheds a delicate and warm light.

Leiviskä's best-known works is Myyrmäki Church, built in 1984 and has become world-wide known in the ‘90s. After Tadao Ando and Peter Zumthor, the world's most valuable prize was given Juha Leiviskä for  'an architect or group of architects contributing to the creation of works of lasting architectural and social value'.
In his speech he gave an extensive image about his work. At the beginning of his career he planned family and holiday houses that aimed to emphasize the connection between natural and built environment. Later light and its usage became an important element is his plans – playing with light was the central motif around he built his best-known work, Myyrmäki Church. In his presentation he drew a parallel between  highly decorated baroque churches and his simple, pure buildings.