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A4C workshop @ MOME

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MOME Anim has organised Adapting for Cinema project for three years. This year’s project’s  final presentation took place in Ponton Gallery. The project is supported by EU MEDIA Program and three universities are participating: Scuola Holden, London Film School and MOME. The students taking part in the program started working in four groups in November 2014: their task was to adaptcontemporary short stories to film. Each group consisted of a scriptwriter, a producer and a graphic designer.
Péter Fazakas, lecturer of MOME Media Design Department and Zsófia Ruttkay visiting professor at MOME Anim consulted the groups while Natália Fábics deputy head of MOME Animation Department prepared them for pitching. Tibor Bánóczky leader of the animation MA program was member of the jury. At the final presentation the invited guests viewed the concepts and helped the particpating groups with advice and remarks.
MOME students were represented by Vicze Csaba from media design.

The main aim of the A4C project in 2015 was to develop the pitch technique with professionals and and provide the young animators a European professional network.