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Spaces in Wien

spaces video

Szilárd Cseke’s installation entitled ‘Sustainable Identities’ represents Hungary at the Venice Biennale 2015. The exhibition also includes the video ‘Spaces’, which was created in collaboration with Mihály Lukács, candidate of MOME.

The video will be on view at viennacontemporary between 24-27 September,2015 as part of a daily screening program in the video section of the fair entitled ‘Grenzerfahrung’. Out of many submissions of the galleries participating in the fair 30 video works were selected by Olaf Stüber, the curator. The list includes the video proposed by Ani Molnár Gallery entitled ‘Spaces’ by Szilárd Cseke, who is the only Hungarian artist in the section. Further works by Cseke will be on show at the booth of the gallery (D36).

Further information on the fair
Link to the video