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MOME winners at the Media’s Architecture Award

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The 2015 Media’s Architecture Award was given to Csaba Kovács and Áron Vass-Eysen collaborators of NARTARCHITECTS and MOME Architecture Institute, in building category for their Galyatető lookout. In addition, the lookout also won the Audience Award.

The Awards was organized by, where - after the pre jury session - 5 plans and 6 buildings, out of 60 plans and 84 buildings got into the final. Among the aspects of the valuation were the architectural qualities and sociological context of the works, and their conceptions, as well, since the main goal of the award is to make architecture accessible and understandable for the Hungarian public.

Beside Csaba Kovács and Áron Vass-Eysen architects two MOME students contributed to the success of the Galyatető lookout. Ákos Takács MA1 architecture student published an fine piece of essay about lookout on, and András Ladocsi MA1 photography student took a strong, poetic photo series on Galyatető.