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Presentation of Luxury-Maybach project

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In this year’s Mercedes-Benz Design professional consultation the university’s vehicle design students were introducing their plans for Luxury-Maybach project in models. In the course of this task, which was formulated together with Mercedes-Benz, students had to come round the notion of luxury.

Owning a luxurious vehicle has always been a privilege of the well possessed, but nowadays in the well-to-do circles special cars, which don’t lose their value in the march of time, have become extremely popular. The time-honored brand Maybach was restarted by Mercedes in 2002. The MOME vehicle design students presented, that how luxury appears in their visions, what role Maybach brand could get in the future, and what luxury means in the reflection of developing technology and changing society.

From the part of Mercedes Gorden Wagener, chief designer of Mercedes-Benz Design, Honorary Professor of MOME, and Robert Lesnik Exterior Designer, Mercedes-Benz Design attended to the event.

Photos: Antal Csipes