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MOME success at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Central Europe



Fashion got the leading part again at the weekend in Budapest! Within the confines of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Central Europe many former and present MOME student debuted. The program was terminated by the final of Gombold újra! clothing design competition, where the Design Terminal Award for the best Hungarian designer was received by Luca Enikő Balogh our former fashion and textile designer student for her menswear collection.

On the Central European region’s biggest fashion event such former and present MOME students presented their works as INQ Concept, Je Suis Belle, The Four, Dori Tomcsanyi, Konsanszky, Use Unused, Kele Clothing, Nora Sarman, Komod, November, Nubu, RekaVago, Luca Enikő Balogh, Anna Schneider and Orsi Szigeti, as well as Júlia Horváth and Alma Vetlényi.