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MOME students and Red Bull Air Race

reb bull air race trofea

Two MOME students get the chance to design the Red Bull Air Race’s trophy this year. The main motif of the concept of Zsófia Sárváry (MA metal designer) and Bence Kovácsik (MA product designer) evokes the shapes of the characteristic red bull air plane.

The tender brief named three aspects in connection with the object to design. On one hand, it proposed the visualization of the theme of flying, on the other hand it required, that the inspiration theme should be connected with Hungary. Finally, it had to fit to the profile of Red Bull Air Race.

The concept of the winner trophy is defined by two main motifs: the shapes of the characteristic red bull air plane, which participates at the run; and the saker, which is an autochthonous hunter bird in Hungary, as well as a returning theme of the Hungarian mythology. The uniformity of the prize is completed, and individualized by a dynamic effect: the reflection of Danube, the Budapest venue of the competition.

Studio photos: András Ladocsi
Award ceremony: