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Scale – Architecture project among the best diplomas

scale hosziklak utja dobos bence laszlo bognar petra 2015 3

In 2015 in the bonds of the Institute of Architecture graduated Bence Dobos architect and Petra Bognár product designer, whose joint diploma work was vote in to the short lists of EUROPEAN ARCHITECTURAL MEDALS FOR THE BEST DIPLOMA PROJECTS.

The purpose of the contest emerging in the combined organization of the University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu (RO), The Architects’ Council of Europe and the European Association for Architectural Education is to generate an international discourse about architectural education, as well as to promote the suitable answers of the future architecture and architects for their challenges.

The work of Bence Dobos and Petra Bognár was chosen by the international professional jury into the best 30, out of 100 applicants. Their project is seeking the answer for the question, whether it is possible to use limescale, component of thermal water as a positive material, and this mineral substance could shape spaces. Their aim is reflecting to the geothermic position of Hungary: to build warming units by using the mineral component of thermal water.

The illustrious jury of five found Scale project innovative, environmental and resilient, therefore the diploma work got into the exhibition displaying the best projects travelling around Europe.

The projects can be found here.