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Future Traditions - International project | Field trip and workshop in Norway

Future Traditions 01

As an important step of Future Traditions - Research and Curriculum Development Project, promoted by MOME Design Institute, students, and professors of MOME and University College of Southeast Norway (HSN) spend 3 intensive days on a field trip in Oslo where they examined the traditional culture of Norway and contemporary Scandinavian design. More than 18 students from MOME and HSN participated in interdisciplinary workshops. Led by Hungarian and Norwegian professors they worked on their independent design project and developed them with enthusiasm at the local metal, textile and wood workshops. During the week professors participating in the program are improved their own research in the theme: Future Traditions.

Since the project started in January 2015 it's important task is to reveal links between tradition and contemporary design and examine, how traditional ornaments can be transferred into today's design culture. It's an important aspect of the project to exchange and develop knowledge among participating project partners by creating new perspectives and by strengthening the communication of different cultures.

Results of the program will be exhibited in the Spring 2016 in Budapest, Hungary, and in the Summer in Norway.
The Future Traditions - Research and curriculum development project is supported by Norwegian Grants (EEA Grants)