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MOME projects at the Highlights of Hungary 2015 list


52 projects were nominated to the Highlights of Hungary 2015 list by the professional curator group of 11. Download Design, which was realized in the collaboration of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Association of Hungarian Furniture and Woodworking Industries and Hungexpo is also presented in the list. The project initiatives an innovative cooperation between designers, contractors and users.

Sustainable Identities is also featured in the Highlights of Hungary 2015 list. The site-specific space installation represented Hungary between 9 May and 22 November at the International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia’s Hungarian Pavilion. Artist Szilárd Cseke’s and curator Kinga German’s (MOME tutor) project was built around the concept of identity formation and sustainability.

Furthermore Dénes Sátor’s (MOME Product Design Alumni) genial idea, EggMap, which fits in your hand or your pocket and has manual zooming – just by squeezing it, you’ll get more details about the place than bumbling with a printed version, is also on the list. Dániel Szalkai (MOME Product Design Alumni) is involved in two projects: On one hand, Perceptual Thinkers, his diploma work from last year, which aims to point at how perceptual thinking functions in people with autism and what kinds of behavioral disorders accompany them. On the other hand, his so-called Maacraft social workshop with a design sensitive approach, founded in 2012 in the city of Miskolc.

Bori Fenyvesi’s diploma work – Tame person, tame house – also got into Highlights of Hungary’s projects of 52. Bori Fenyvesi graduated last year from MOME Architecture Institute, designed a house and created a concept for those released from restraint. With the instruments of architecture (materialistic and environmental space) aims to support their housing, interpersonal relationships, relation to labor and studying opportunities.

You can still vote for the various projects until 10 February 2016!