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Marcel Wanders Design Award 2016

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Owner of his eponymous design studio and international luxury brand Marcel Wanders, and founder and creative director of MOOOI (2001), the designer already visited MOME in 2008 as star design presenter of the Budapest Design Week. Ever since in close contact with the Hungarian design scene, Marcel Wanders now returns to the University to attribute the Award he founded, which aims at supporting emerging, Hungarian designers. On the basis of his or her master diploma project of the given year, one graduate is selected to receive the main award that also comes with a 1,500 Euro prize, while five other freshly graduated designers of the university are also recognized for their creativity, insight and innovative endeavours.

A special addition to the recently founded award is the professional contact with Budapest-born Gabriella Asztalos who studied in several countries across Western Europe, and, as the business and project partner of Marcel Wanders, played an active role in the realisation of the award. Thus in her person MOME welcomes a designer of international reputation among its supporters and professional contacts.

The award ceremony is open to the public; after a presentation and talk with Marcel Wanders, the awardees present their winning diploma projects, following the award ceremony the evening is closed with a surprise show.