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Marcel Wanders Design Award 2016 goes to a fashion design collection from MOME




On 4th November, the internationally famous Dutch designer, Marcel Wanders personally handed over the Award he founded to the graduates of MOME’s (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest) Design Institute. On the basis of his master diploma project, a textile and fashion design graduate, Richard Marton received the main award that also comes with a 1,500 Euro prize. In addition to the winning fashion collection titled ‘Blurred Lines’, five other freshly graduated designers of the university were also recognised for their works indicative of their exceptional creativity, insight and innovative endeavours. Namely, Zsuzsanna Szabó who also graduated at MOME’s textile and fashion design department, and four product design graduates, Máté Morvay, Viktor Horváth, Róbert Császár and Csaba Bányai.


Owner of his eponymous design studio and international luxury brand Marcel Wanders, and founder and creative director of MOOOI (2001) already visited MOME in 2008 as the star designer presenter of Budapest Design Week. Ever since in close contact with the Hungarian design scene, Marcel Wanders now returned to the University to attribute the Award he founded, which aims at supporting emerging, Hungarian designers.

The Awarded Degree Works

Main Award

Richárd MÁRTON

Blurred Lines / Elmosódott Vonalak

fashion collection

Thesis consultant: Bálint VERES

Consultant: Edit SZŰCS

Supervisor: Kriszta REMETE

The collection is based on the psychological structure of nostalgia. Certain parts of he form symbolising the present untwine everywhere, and in each case new forms inspired by the personal past are blossoming on the released surfaces. So each model is created at the intersection of two different times.


Honorary Awards

Zsuzsanna SZABÓ


costume based performance

Thesis consultant: Bálint VERES

Consultant: Ildikó KELE

Supervisor: Edit SZŰCS

Nothing ever stays the same, everything is constantly changing. This piece of art performance focuses on this phenomenon's visual imprints. The person who works on the material, creates a skin around the body, tears it down, and start the work again. This monotone process is repeated several times, while the material is changing dynamically, until the final deconstruction. The visual memory of the material is the central point of the performance all along.


Máté Géza Morvay

Outdoor room / Szoba a szabadban

product design

thesis consultant: Péter HABA

consultant: István JUHÁSZ

supervisor: Anna PAIS

The design process aimed at a better integration of the balcony into the living space, in order to contribute to making city flats more liveable. The final design is a partially automated, modular plant storage system, which allows an ideal use of balconies of various sizes with the least professionalism, time and energy investment.



Forget me not field / Nefelejcs mező

mobile application

Thesis consultant: Vörös Miklós

Consultant: Attila COSOVAN

Supervisor: Anna PAIS

In my thesis I examined the effects of the digital revolution on our memory in the last decades. The more frequent absence of caring for our memories, the virtualisation of our real relationships inspired me in planning my diploma work. The Forget-me-not Field is an organic reminder and recapturing application. By caring and sharing the memories planted in the Field, we can grow easily searchable forget-me-not flowers that can help us better understand ourselves, and lead us there, where we can experience our memories, and the ones we share with others again.



Transportation Design / Autonom targonca Product design

Thesis consultant: Márton SZENTPÉTERI

Consultant: Balázs LENKEI, Gábor NÉMETH Supervisor: József SCHERER

The development of autonomous cars, as a technological leap, has influenced many other branches of the vehicle industry. In the field of cargo logistics, the use of automated forklifts is important from a safety point of view, also they are more efficient than the classical models. My degree work offers a novel design for an versatile, autonomous forklift, by exploiting the advantages of this technology into account


Csaba Bányai

Festival accommodation / Fesztivál szállás

product design

Thesis consultant: Péter HABA

Consultant: Péter POZSÁR

Supervisor: Péter VETŐ

The theme of the degree project is a form of accommodation designed for music festival. The two-person bungalow is a for those visitors who are looking for a more comfortable accommodation than the traditional tent camping, where they can sleep in a bed and keep their valuables safe. In addition to the increased comfort level, the structure also meets the specific, temporary architectural expectations of festivals. It can protect its guests in extreme weather conditions as well, it can be installed and disassembled quickly, while it is can also be transported and stored practically.


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