MOME - Moholy Nagy Művészeti Egyetem



Moving into Building „Z”


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MOME starts the new year at a new place, at the Building „Z”. The new, temporary address of the university is 1111 Budapest, Bertalan Lajos utca 2.
The exam term of the autumn semester (from 6th January 2017) starts at the new place, which was reconstracted considering the special needs of the university. Also, the spring semester starts here, from 6th February 2017, by the Műegyetem quay.
The work and the education take place at three locations: the Fashion and Textile Department at Kinizsi street, the workshops of the Design Institute and the Institute of Architecture can be found at the new MOME Campus building on the Zugligeti street and the rest of the departments are in Building „Z” from now on.

The moving to the Building „Z” have started in December, in this gallery you can find some photos of the current conditions: