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Essemble project closure - MOME in Lisbon


The Essemble-project sponsored by Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership in which MOME was the partner of Universidad Lusófona from Portugal, internationale filmschule cologne and LUCA School of Arts Brussels ends by a special event on the 5th-6th October in Lisbon.

Essemble addresses the need of European Film and Media Schools for training and mobility activities that aim at the development and implementation  of new interdisciplinary training programs; the implementation of new teaching strategies for film education; the development of new learning methods and didactic materials; and the reinforcement of digital skills amongst arts students and teachers.

The students of MOME Anim: Barbara Agócs, Zoltán Debreczeni, Bence Hlavay, Zsófia Kállai and Botond Tobai have participated together with our teachers: Rita Domonyi, Péter Fazakas, Natália Fábics and Dávid Ringeisen (DLA student) on the training program consisting of 6 modules. The one-week thematic modules organised by the partner schools let all participants work in mixed nationality groups, get practical knowledge during hands-on workshops with technological tools, they were involved in script development and pre-visualisation workshops, followed by film production and post-production process, with online tutors' consultation.

This two-day event in Lisbon complemented by an international conference is the showcase of the four mixed-technic films made by Essemble and gives also opportunity to present and evaluate the educational experiences gained during the project.

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Photos of the Budapest module: