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MOME has became full member of CILECT the International Association of Film Schools


We are proud to announce that MOME has became full member of CILECT the International Association of Film Schools which means a huge international recognition.

The MOME Animation and Media Design Departments have undergone more than one year of detailed auditing process covering education methodology, international achievements, examination of professional network, available infrastructure and technical tools. After a personal meeting and discussion with the management of CILECT, this year MOME, together with a Turkish and an Indian film school came to this year's three candidates. The vote has taken place in Zürich on 25th October 2017 following the screening of the short introductory spot of our university and a 45 minute Q&A, MOME became one of the full members of the world's leading filmschools’ organisation by unanimous vote. We are also delighted that the paper titled Borrowed Analogies of Ágoston Nagy, doctorandus of the MOME Doctoral School was selected to the lecture program of renewed international professionals of the film and media education for this CILECT conference too.

By 2017 CILECT includes over 180 audio-visual educational institutions from 65 countries on 6 continents with more than 9,000+ teachers and staff that annually train more than 55,000+ students and communicate with an alumni network over 1,330,000+ strong.

CILECT is committed to developing and promoting the highest standards of education, research and training for film, television and related media through establishing and organizing global and regional forums for the exchange of artistic, pedagogical, methodological and managerial best practices for all its members.