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Tibor Kalman Receives Posthumous Moholy-Nagy Award

kalman200x150Each year the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest honours a personality whose human and creative existence closely relates to the university and its values. In 2011 the Moholy-Nagy Award was poshumously awarded to the name that in the mid-1980s changed graphic design: Tibor Kalman.

Tibor Kalman graphic designer of Hungarian origin was best known for the innovative work he created with his New York based firm M&Co. In collaboration with his wife, Maira Kalman the design firm mostly created graphics, magazines, film titles and books. Media attention towards their work came with the record album cover for the Talking Heads. M&Co soon became very influential and strong, many designers like Stefan Sagmeister, Stephen Doyle, Alexander Isley or Scott Stowell started their careers there. In 1990 Kalman became founding editor-in-chief of the Benetton-sponsored Colors magazine.

Tibor Kalman's approach to design combined innovative ideas, a sense of humor and sophisticated style with fabulous results. He incorporated visual elements other designers had never associated with successful design, and used his work to promote his social concerns and reactions to contemporary attitudes. The influence of his experiments in typography and images can be seen everywhere, from music videos to the design of magazines.