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Red Dot Award for MOME Student Peter Toronyi


Peter Toronyi, student of MOME, won Red Dot's design award for his Nissyoku lamp in the category "Illumination".

In Japanese culture, the meaning of light is life; light brings forms alive. This conception inspired the design of Nissyoku, as did the process of the solar eclipse. The light emitted from Nissyoku determines the object's character, existence, and meaning.

The body of the Nissyoku lamp is made with reusable or biodegradable polymer. The lamp can be used as hanging chandelier, or a table or wall lamp. The pieces of the lamp are fixed together or to a wall with magnets and a metal disc. When Nissyoku is used as a wall lamp, the two halves of the lamp are fixed to two metal discs. When it is used as a spherical table lamp, the two halves are simply joined to each other.

The spherical caps on either side can be rotated in multiple directions. The direction and strength of the light is adjusted by the degree of turning. The two caps move across an internal concave surface. They are fixed to the lamp with magnets. The lamp can be switched on or off by touching the central metal ring.

Each cap contains a 5-watt LED. The lamp is powered by hybrid supercapacitors, which have a much higher power density than batteries and can function without maintenance for over 500,000 cycles.

Nissyoku is a mood light, rather than a task light or an ambient light. It was designed to create atmospheric effects that could establish an emotional connection between user and product.