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Fritz Maierhofer: JEWELLERY AND MORE!

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"That's my way!" - Illustrated talk

Thursday 24 May 2012, 1.00 pm

Fritz Maierhofer is one of the world´s most respected pioneers of contemporary jewellery. He began his apprenticeship as a goldsmith with the imperial and royal court jeweller, Anton Heldwein, in Vienna in 1955. From1967 to 1970, he was working for an other prestigious jeweller, Andrew Grima, in London.

In England he succeeded in freeing himself from prevailing attitudes to jewellery and gradually began to implement his own ideas with his first pieces of jewellery created using cheap everyday materials such as acrylic glass.

He approaches his work as free form with visual impact, full of self-expression. He has continued and developed this line throughout his career, it is a medium that he uses just as a language. In the same way that letters join together to form sounds and sentences, he interprets his jewellery as feelings and ideas which he imparts to others.