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Michelin Challenge Design

chitinMichelin North America, Inc. created the annual Michelin Challenge Design to celebrate, promote, publicize and give visibility to original creative thinking and innovation in vehicle design. The challange for 2013 was to design and develop lightweight next-generation vehicles. Among the many participants one of MOME's student, Marcell Sebestyén was chosen to present his concept "Chitin" at the North American International Auto Show 2013.

Marcell Sebestyén is one of the lucky 15 designers whose sketches will be presented next year.

About the concept: Chitin is a concept vehicle mixing minimal style with high-end technology. It is made for people who enjoy travelling and at the same time explore the beauty of the outside world without being disturbed. In its material it is traditional and modern too. This solar-powered car can also operate in cloudy weather. The light weight results in better performance, thus the travel time reduces. Its cutting-edge style demands instant attention to its owner.