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Student Success at the Graduation Projects EU

paisThe Polish 2+3D magazine, the Hungarian Plusminus visual intelligence forum, the Czech Typo magazine, the Slovakian Designum magazine and the Zamek Design Center in Cieszyn jointly organize the international design diploma award, collecting the best graduates in the Visegrad countries.

In 2012 there were 357 entries made, 208 in 2d, 149 in 3d categories.

Five MOME students managed to get into the best 40:

Klára Balázs: JAT project – data visualisation
Panni Pais: Light me
Zsuzsanna Petrovics – Ecological game
Krisztina Szűcs – Nyugat, touch screen application for Petőfi Literary Museum
Zuzana Culinková – Clothing

Jury members were the Hungarian graphic designer Zsolt Czakó and Krisztina Somogyi visual intelligence researcher.

An exhibition showing the best diploma works was opened on the 1st of February, 2013 in Poland.

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