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Fête de l'Anim

The Fête de l'anim' is a yearly event, dedicated to the wide range of animation production: from short and long films, TV series to video games and digital arts.

In 2013, as always, the Fête de l'anim' offers a rich and diversified program aimed at all types of audiences: animation lovers, short films fans, digital arts amateurs, children and families...and of course animation students and professionals who will find dedicated meetings, networking events, masterclasses and conferences.

For the 9th edition of Fete de l'anim' (March 14-17) in Lille MOME was invited to screen these movies made by students:

Barbara Bakos: Lady with Long Hair
Bálint Gelley: Home
Panna Horváth-Molnár: Dipendenza
Anikó Takács: The Fox

During the festival 20 teams, composed of three people each, coming from 17 European animation schools, participated in an animation marathon. The task was to create 10 seconds of animation in 48 hours, based on an image designed by the Belgian animation director, Raoul Servais. The Hungarian participant were: Dániel Bárány, Krisztián Király and Milán Kopasz.

Here is a compilation of the works: Marathon de l'anim' 2013

Marathon de l'anim' 2013 from Rencontres Audiovisuelles on Vimeo.