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MOME and the Titanic Film Festival

Budapest hosts the biggest international film festival in Hungary known as the Titanic Film Festival. The first Titanic Film Festival was held in 1994 and became a competition-based festival in 2006. The Titanic Film Festival aims to "collect a wide variety of daringly new, original, and trend-breaking motion pictures from every possible corner of the world; be it dark comedies, emotionally charged drama, genre films, or documentaries." Venues for the showings include 4 art cinemas in Budapest.

The festival and MOME have not one connection: the 'Breaking Waves Award' delivered to the most outstanding, daring and innovative film of the festival every year is designed by former MOME student Luca Görömbei. This year the spot of the Titanic Film Festival was made by MOME Animation student Carlson Hanna. A workshop was also held for the student's of the MOME Media Institute to develop new communication methods and image campaigns for the festival. The lecturers leading the workshop were: Antal Bodóczky, Gábor Fabricius, Béla Hegyi and Dániel Huszár.

Titanic Film Festival
5-13 April 2013