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Bence Bakonyi in ZEBULE Magazine

The French quarterly ZEBULE published 8 pages on Bence Bakonyi's "Dignity" photo-series. The article is available in French and English on ZEBULE's website.

Bence Bakonyi is one of the most successful photography students at MOME. In 2012, the Ludwig Museum – Museum for Contemporary Art in Budapest exhibited "Dignity" photo-series during the "XY – Human Dignity and the MOME Generation". In Costa Rica, FID International Festival showed his work and currently he is preparing his next exhibition in Shanghai, at Xuhui Art Museum.

Amongst many press appearances the most significant ones are the Hungarian ELLE and Octogon and in Shanghai Brand and China Life.



Please Stand Aside for the Most Conceptual Bence Bakonyi

"Behold as before thee emerges the skill of Bence Bakonyi. Young, gracile, and a bit of a poète maudit it seems, this Hungarian photographer is making promising progress.

He's already produced enough for us to grasp the essence of his work and get a glimpse of the man behind the lens. Although somewhat shy he gives us hard contrast, conceivably in an attempt to define himself clearly.

As you can see, Bence Bakonyi's artistic identity has already dawned. What's less obvious to the naked eye is the metaphysical questioning that seized him with a vengeance: the very same body-mind problem Pascal and Leibnitz have struggled with in their day.

"I cannot escape from the fact that I struggle with myself.
It has always been a difficult question for me: do I know him?
Who is he anyway? It's so alluring, sometimes as if the will of the body would want to swallow me, leaving my thoughts behind,
but then comes the soul to pull me back. It's an eternal battle and a game."

Now, Bence is no sloth when it comes to looking for crucial answers. He's dedicated the past years to creating and envisioning, sweating blood and harvesting success, to the point that he seemingly lacks air in his native Hungary - where his digital work and classical photography were to be seen in the galleries of Budapest and elsewhere. As you may be aware of though, the political climate has been as nocuous to artists as to other minorities. So his work first made its way abroad in 2010, to Prague's cultural centre. Then collectors in London took hold of his photography, and just now an extended stay in the Far East has been announced and confirmed. Destination: the mythical Shanghai, exotic to the extreme.

Bence Bakonyi's opus named "DIGNITY", of which we here offer you an overview, is to be exhibited there in February 2013... His contribution to the previous year's event in Budapest's Ludwig Museum, "XY – Human Dignity and the MOME Generation", has evidently not gone unnoticed.

The MOME Generation Bence sprouts from came into existence in its namesake lab at Budapest's Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, where a perplexing program is being conducted. Rector of the university, Gábor Kopek explains:

"There is something that is untouchable in all of us. This something is unrelated to countries, regimes and even to people. It springs from life itself. From the unique, inimitable expression of human existence." Once you've got that, he concludes, you can realistically strive for perfection.

Well, if that doesn't spark your interest! Mr Kopek, Buda's Buddha? All we know is the method relies on integrative thinking and the appreciation of the contemporary scene. Bence clearly gets it. (A photography Bachelor of Arts will shortly certify this.) Maybe it's his fondness for philosophy. It does come in rather handy when one aspires to conceptual art, does it not? Supervised by his professors, he has abandoned aesthetic attributes to focus on the concept of art itself, resolutely disregarding Kant and his obsolete definition. To Bakonyi, the idea takes precedence over its realization. And ideas are a commodity he happens to possess in plentiful amounts."

Adelheid Blankestijn