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ADAM finds EVE | winning student car design

MOME BA graduate, Marcell Sebestyén won the international competition ADAM seeks EVE announced by Opel and AutoDesign&Styling Magazine.

Opel has a mini model ADAM, solo so far – therefore the applicants for the competition were given the task to draw the ideal car partner, EVE. More than 400 projects were entered, out of which a jury consisting of professionals, such as Niels Loeb, Exterior Chief Designer of Opel ADAM chose the best works.

The winning design was by Marcell, who has just finished his BA Product Design studies at MOME. He explained his creation process by drawing a parallel between Adam and Eve, as the ancestors of all men and women and Opel ADAM and EVE being the first level of the Opel model palette, from which all other models symbolically originate.

You can read more about the competition here.