MOME - Moholy Nagy Művészeti Egyetem



MOME announced as a University of National Excellence

The Hungarian government acknowledged MOME by awarding our institution the University of National Excellence title. According to the Ministry of Human Resorces the distinctive title can be given to higher education insitutions that support excellence, quality and talent while raising its competitiveness.

MOME earned its recognition not only from the wide educational structure and the active work of its interdisciplinary research labs but also from its constant international presence and the positive feedback of the profession and the media that the university receives. We are one of the higher education institutions that offer multidisciplinary education and have scientific achievements paralell to participating in student mobility on a large scale.

The government awards the title to acknowledge the effort of professors, students and researchers of an institution in creating and preserving national intellectual and ecomomic values.

Eötvös Loránd University and the University of Szeged also holds the University of Excellence title.