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Michele De Lucchi | special guest at MOME

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The visit of architect and designer Michele De Lucchi to MOME was the highlight of Design Week Budapest 2013. This year the festival welcomed Italy, as the Guest of Honour and invited Mr. De Lucchi as one of the most important figures of 20th century and contemporary Italian design to share his thoughts about design, craftmanship and industry.

The influence of his work is probably best proven by one of his most widely known objects called the Tolomeo lamp – designed with Giancarlo Fassina – which has been a bestselling piece since its 1987 creation, and the foundation of Memphis group in 1980 – a movement that had immeasurable impact on postmodernism. De Lucchi has worked practically for all important design furniture manufacturers in the last thirty years while he can take pride in architecture and interior design as well. He contributed to the renovation of Triennale di Milano, designed installations for Neues Museum and a bridge for the country of Georgia, not less than a national symbol.

Later he spent years at Olivetti, an Italian manufacturer of eletric goods, where he learned how to see and make people see the beauty of nature in industrial mass production. Finally De Lucchi founded his own company, Produzione Privata with the aim of creating limited edition objects combining craftsmanship and industrial design.

In his lecture De Lucchi revealed the ideas and concepts that have inspired and challenged him in the course of creation throughout his life. He considers them as his real 'clients': Mr. Personality, Mr. Industry, Mrs. Experimentation, Mrs. Avantgarde or Ms. Conscience.

Being a professor himself De Lucchi commented on the projects of three talented MOME product design students as well. He pointed at the importance of creating emotional attitudes besides designing objects.