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Ladislav Sutnar Prize to Gyula Ernyey

Gyula Ernyey, MOME Professor Emeritus, design historian and interior designer received the Ladislav Sutner Prize this autumn for his artistic and pedagogical work. The prestigious prize was funded by the University of West Bohemia, Checz Republic.

The Ladislav Sutnar Prize is awarded to Czech and international artists for outstanding performance in the field of fine arts, especially applied arts and design in connection with their pedagogical work. With this annual prize the University of West Bohemia shows appreciation to outstanding Czech and international artists, pedagogues and institutions and at the same time honors the life and work of the internationally renowned Czech-American designer and artist Ladislav Sutnar.

The award acknowlegdes Gyula Ernyey’s lifetime contribution in the field of design as a historian and resercher, and his long-standing pedagogical and theorecital activities at MOME Institute for Theoretical Studies and Doctoral School.