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In March 2014, Hudec Memorial Hall is calling for a dialogue about Hungarian design. The venue for the event is the former home of László Hudec, a world-renowned, Hungarian born Shanghai architect. At the invitation of the Association of Hungarian Architects, MOME is paying homage to the lifework of Hudec by a special installation, while students of Shanghai Design School of ECNU, and of Jiao Tong University, School of Media and Design will present their works related to Hungarian themes.

Hudec Processor

MOME Laboratory pays homage to the lifework of László Hudec with a complex installation reflecting the spirit of the university. Technology, innovation and 'poetry' are simultaneously presented in Hudec’s works designed at the juncture of traditionalism and cosmopolitan lifestyle. The robot-kinetic automated 'Hudec Processor' invokes the complexity of this creation process. The installation is the Hudec 'mindprint' of a large-size robot cell. It translates the imagined architectural, cultural-historical, and spiritual thinking into visual language as reflected through the personal perspective of Antal Bodóczky, the creator of the installation.

János Vitéz – Think inside the box

At the request of MOME Media Design Department, students of Shanghai Design School of ECNU, and Jiao Tong University, School of Media and Design are preparing space-illustration compositions in a provided, box-size space, to go with the verse tale of Sandor Petofi, the Hungarian poet known also in China. The end products and the films taken of them will be shown on the last day of the Program. Following this, MOME students will participate in a similar project by working on a selected group of Chinese poems. The objects, created as a result of this exchange workshop, will represent the first Chinese-Hungarian coproduction in which a common language is produced by creative thinking.

At the opening, visitors of the exhibition will be greeted by Monika Balatoni, state secretary of social relations at the Hungarian Ministry of Public Administration and Justice.


MOME will present itself in the lectures of the Hungarian Design Forum where discussion – making use of call words such as Design and Education, Global and Local Design, Media Design, Animation - will cover themes related to Hungarian and Chinese design. Participating lecturers are Hungarian and Chinese design experts, researchers and professors: Dániel Barcza DLA, architect, Director of MOME Design Institute, Antal Bodóczky, Professor of MOME Media Institute, Rita Halasi, Director of Ponton Gallery (MOME), Dániel Kovács, design journalist, art historian (MOME), Wei Shaonong, dean, professor, School of Design, East China Normal University, Zhu Jianzhong, Secretary General of the Association of Applied Arts, Shanghai.
Michelle Qiao, journalist and researcher will talk about the Shanghai work of László Hudec, while Virág Csejdy, curator of the Hudec Cultural Foundation, will offer the audience a glimpse of the architect’s life and personality by presenting a collection of rare items from the Budapest legacy.
Finally, to provide an opportunity for a dialogue, MOME will invite all who are interested to a round-table discussion entitled 'Gadget vs. Design'.