MOME - Moholy Nagy Művészeti Egyetem





MOME celebrated the 40th anniversary of the invention of Rubik’s Cube at a memorable ceremony where the community of the university praised ex-MOME student and professor, Ernő Rubik’s lifework and set up a sign in the campus as a memento of the Magic Cube, the object sold in the largest quantity in the world so far.

’Whenever we meet I still wonder who you would have become without the Cube. And I always find you would be the same. You would be Rubik’ – greeted Gábor Kopek, rector of MOME the 70-year old architect-inventor. Ernő Rubik used to teach for as along as 15 years at the predecessor institution of MOME. He was experimenting with space when he invented the mechanism of the Cube - in the room which serves as the rector’s office today. Rubik has pleasant memories of those times: ’I was not only teaching but studying here. I learnt a lot, and I came here to learn what I could only learn here. The way and what they taught had raised my interest, and did not discourage me as opposed to other schools.

At the ceremony, as a memento of Rubik’s Cube, the university set up a light-transmitting concrete object designed by Áron Losonci, inventor of LitRaCo, in the campus, which is illuminated at night from the inside.