MOME - Moholy Nagy Művészeti Egyetem



József Fülöp, the new rector of MOME


University professor József Fülöp has been appointed Rector of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest by János Áder, President of Hungary. Fülöp will assume his new position on 1 August 2014, succeeding Gábor Kopek, who has been leading the university for a twofold four-year period.

József Fülöp is an acclaimed director, art director and designer of the Hungarian animation scene, while he has also been teaching at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest for over a decade. He is credited with the preparations and the establishment of the internationally acknowledged Animation Department at MOME, and with the development of its educational programme. He has been acting as the Head of Animation Department since 2010, and as the Director of the Media Institute since 2011.

”In my new post as a rector I intend to follow the path of the past years: combining traditions with a contemporary approach, maintining value-focused thinking, while taking the international context for granted” – explained József Fülöp upon his appointment. ”MOME has by now become the intellectual centre of the Hungarian creative industry. The next step is to take this role to a European and global level by creating the university of the 21th century, where strengthening its autunomous role interacting with the present and shaping the future is the most important aim.”

In the future József Fülöp intends to focus on the role of the university as an innovative workshop, as well as on the understanding, application and development of the phenomena generated by the mode of action of continuous technological renewal. He also stresses the importance of an ongoing dialogue between the academic and the profit sphere, and the creation of common platforms that aim at utilising the potential of the creative industry, and promoting an innovative, desinger attitude.