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MOME Laboratory | Soundweaving at Vienna Design Week


Soundweaving, a project by Zsanett Szirmay, MOME textile design student at Vienna Design Week

Can you make cross-stitched embroidery sound like music? It can if played by Zsanett Szirmay, a student at the Design Institute of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest. Soundweaving is showcased at an independent exhibition in Vienna between 26 September and 05 October. The exhibition and installation arranged by MOME Laboratory is implemented as part of the Vienna Design Week with Hungary being this year's guest country.

Soundweaving is an integrative and experimental project breaking through the boundaries of genres. The concept, originally a half-year assignment, stems from the particular fusion of the traditional embroidery of Hungarian folk culture, a well-known folklore phenomenon and a special technological solution, a punchcard comb music player. Zsanett Szirmay transferred the selected embroidery motifs from Transylvanian Bukovina, Kalotaszeg and Hungary onto laser cut textiles, which serve as bands for the music box. This transforms cross-stitched patterns into melodies. Soundweaving adds another dimension to traditional embroidery, activating multiple senses and inspiring visitors to interact since anybody to visit the exhibition can try it for themselves.
Zsanett, a MA student at the Textile Design Faculty of MOME has already generated some interest with Soundweaving in Hungary: the student's work was included in the Hungarian Design Yearbook 2013 showcasing the hottest Hungarian design projects from last year. Junior Prima Award winner musician and composer, Bálint Tárkány-Kovács joined the enhanced university work as an expert and co-writer of the musical material.

Vienna Design Week, first organised in 2005, has become the most notable design festival in Austria. The invitation of Hungary this year as a special guest is an earnest recognition of contemporary Hungarian design attracting the Austrian public with a comprehensive exhibition this time. The Hungary-themed programmes include an event paying homage to the opening of the border in 1989, the international design market, Hungary-focused Pecha Kucha and several individual exhibitions.

Organised by MOME Laboratory, curated by Rita Mária Halasi, Soundweaving will be on display in the Festival Headquarters (Schwarzenberg Palace, Vienna 3., Schwarzenbergplatcz 9.) between 26 September and 05 October.

MOME Laboratory: Soundweaving