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MOME at Design Week Budapest


Design Week Budapest host the Kingdom of the Netherlands as this year’s Guest of Honour.Dutch design – taken in the broad sense of the word – has been around for a couple of decades only. Although a few talented Dutch designers were known in the first half of the 20th century Dutch design with its particular image shot to fame in the early nineties only. Dutch design today is expressly conceptual, but still extremely practical and innovative. Today, Dutch design is world-famous, and Holland is considered clearly one of the most progressive great powers in the world of design.

MOME as an intellectual workshop of Hungarian design, media and architecture and as an official partner of Design Week Budapest participates in the series of events with several colourful programs. As an ongoing tradition MOME houses the presentation of the star guest invited by Design Week Budapest: this year Jurgen Bey world-renowned Dutch designer holds a lecture at the university.

MOME at Design Week Budapest | programs

Mercedes-Benz Connect Me Design exhibition | October 3-5 | Central European Fashion Days fashion marquee

Looking for Michael contemporary jewellery and photo exhibition opening | October 4 6 pm | Ponton Gallery

Add to Cart Jewellery exhibiton opening | October 8 7 pm | Púder Bárszínház és Galéria

„Blending and Experimentation" | Hello Wood presents: Benedetta Tagliabue’s lecture | October 8 10 am | MOME Auditorium

3D printing conference | October 9 10 am | Design Terminal Conference Room
MOME Digital Craft Lab | Ákos Lipóczki’s (MOME) lecture | 12.10 pm

„The Designer as Strategic Planner” | Jurgen Bey’s lecture | October 9 2 pm | MOME Auditorium

Kísérleti Műhely megnyitó | október 9. 19.00 | Pont5 studio

Inspiring Design Theories talks | October 10 7 pm | Toldi Klub

THEFOUR open day | October 11 1-7 pm | THEFOUR studio

Bauhaus conference | October 13. 5 pm | Átrium Film-Színház
„Bauhaus-style?” | András Ferkai’s (MOME) lecture (in Hungarian) | 7.40 pm

for more information: Design Week Budapest