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Benedetta Tagliabue | lecture at MOME

benedetta tagliabue.jpg

photo by Gergő Gosztom

As an official program of Design Week Budapest Benedetta Tagliabue, founder and leader of Spanish EMBT architecture firm held a presentation in the Auditorium of MOME on 8th October. The internationally recognised architect managing offices in Barcelona and Shanghai has arrived to Hungary to the invitation of Hello Wood.

In her lecture ’Blending and Experimenting’ Benedetta revealed the working style of the EMBT office brought into life by her and his husband, Enric Miralles and also showcased the most important buildings designed by EMBT among them the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, the Santa Caterina Market in Barcelona and the Spanish pavilion at Shanghai EXPO.

’Travelling is a fundamental tool to every architecture student today. But at the same time, participating in construction, model building – the possibility to apply your capabilities to build something concrete, is also very useful. It puts you in contact with reality and with other people.’– explained Benedetta Tagliabue at her visit to the university. ’Good architecture creates possibilities to people to get closer to each other. In the future, I would be happy to establish collaborations between Enric Miralles Foundation and MOME.’