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Jurgen Bey at MOME

jurgen bey

photo by Gergő Gosztom

Jurgen Bey world famous Dutch designer arrived to Budapest for the first time to give a lecture at MOME as the leading program of Design Week Budapest 2014. In his presentation ’The Designer as a Strategic Planner’ Bey pictured his critical attitude far from classical product design thinking through the latest works by Studio Makkink & Bey, the company managed by the designer and architect Rianne Makkink.

„The designer has to work with cultural issues that connect different worlds” – he said at the lecture presenting a cheesemaker made in collaboration with Indian craftsmen, a box-car designed for slow traffic or furniture to be used in versatile body positions among others. On the other hand he stated that it is crucial to recognise situations when 'you have to remain unclever' and pushing aside own ambitions we need to try to leave things unchanged.