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MOME teachers re-designed the look-out tower in Galyatető

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MOME teachers, Csaba Kovács and Áron Vass-Eysen, managed the re-bulding of the highest panoramic point of the country at Galyatető hill – a progressive and impressive combination of old and new; natural and artificial archictectural elements.  As a result of their work now a full 360° panoramic view is provided again.

The site is to be found on the hiking trail called Blue Tour, in the middle of a small meadow. The building was erected  in 1939,  but became deteriorated over the years and trees around had grown so high that the original sight had almost been lost. The main aim of the designers was to restore both the tower and the sight.

An elevated concrete elongation is added to the renewed massive foundation, stabilizing the balance of the building. The top terrace of the building is almost at 1000 m height, and can be approached and on two spiral stairways running paralell around the nucleus. The new structure is considered as peculiar in contemporary Hungarian architecture due to its complex integration of different functional, textural and factural features.


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