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Cloudfactory by MOME, a success story among the Dutch

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Willem de Kooning Academy has published a new social art and design magazine with the title Beyond Social. The first issue of the debuting magazine features an article about the Cloudfactory project by Bori Fehér, MOME EcoLab program leader.

Beyond Social is a platform for trial and error, for sharing knowledge, projects, visions and opinions in order to find out what is needed to feed social practices and take them into a next stage. Accordingly, these practices do not only focus on the development of 'good' pieces of art or design, but, they also propose or realise alternative systems, procedures and processes.

Cloudfactory is a social design workshop, where kids living in extreme poverty can work together with young designers, fashion designers, architects, photographers and graphic artists in Bódva Valley, one of the poorest regions of Hungary, Central-Eastern Europe. The project is initiated by MOME EcoLab, the sustainability research group of the university in partnership with the local primary school of Bódvaszilas. Cloudfactory is an experiment to open new perspectives in changing social problems with the power of creativity and design thinking.