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The new handball trophy has been announced

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A joint jury of MOME, the European Handball Federation (EHF) and the Hungarian Handball Federation (MKSZ) chose the final design for the new women’s handball trophy to be lifted by the winning team in László Papp Budapest Sportaréna on 10 May 2015 when the Women’s EHF FINAL4 comes to an end.

Finally the trophy of Women’s European Handball Federation Champions League gets a facelift after 21 years. Representatives of the European Handball Federation, the Hungarian Handball Federation and MOME came together at the beginning of March to select the new trophy. The university has invited six teams, all comprising of former students to participate in the design process. It was not easy for the jury, Michael Wiederer, Secretary General of EHF, Marianne Überlacher, Head of Brand Marketing of EHFM, Gábor Mátrai, member of the Presidential Board of MKSZ, József Fülöp, rector of MOME and Ákos Lipóczki, head of the Art and Design Department, MOME to make the decision. Pál Koós, Head of MOME Design Institute also assisted their work as an invited expert.

All six teams presented professional and exciting suggestions according to the jury. Kristóf Gelley and Zoltán Mátyás eloborated three different concepts. The work of Ádám Juhász mixed the handball form with the conventional trophy design. Gergely Káldi and Julia Koller inspired from the dynamics of the game, but still stayed close to the conventional cup shape. Dávid Pataki’ design is based on the motif of the twisting ball, while András Szilos and Imrei Boglárka's concept reflected the happiness of playing and winnning.

The jury eventually announced Krisztián Ádám and Balázs Sipos as the winning duo. Their idea was to design a trophy that breaks with stereotypes and shows the dynamics of the game: the swift passes and the moving of the ball on a match. The winning design will be presented to the public at the draw for the Women’s EHF FINAL4 in April.