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Education on sexual consciousness in today's Hungarian society

Project overview
Student name
Anna Róza Horváth
Judit Bényei
Design and Visual Arts Teacher MA
Degree level
Institute for Theoretical Studies
Year of project
Choosing a career and choosing a partner are two important decisions as we are becoming adults.
Although the latter is mentioned less during our school education, it is an essential part of every area of our lives. Mass culture is full of sexual content, but at the same time this topic frequently remains taboo in our society. Growing up in this ambiguity can create a lot of unanswered questions for children.
The subject of my thesis is about the players involved in sexual education, the justification of its importance and the examination of its place in contemporary society. It looks into the steps and difficulties of our psychosexual development, the basics and the situation of sexual education in our country. It gives a comprehensive overview of the impact of mass culture on sexual development and, through this, the dangers of the internet.
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