MOME Laboratory

For a 21st century campus

The creative community of the MOME Laboratory – which has been partly generating and partly guiding the transformation process since 2014 – is a priority intellectual workshop for the campus development of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. The MOME Laboratory is the dedicated workshop of the investment project of national economy significance, which performed its tasks until the end of the campus development. Its main objective, in addition to implementing the architectural programme, is to lead the university community from the 20th into the 21st century.

The fundamental document of the Creative Innovation Knowledge Park concept is the Integrated Institutional Development Programme (2014-2018-2030), drawn up by the MOME Laboratory in 2015, which is at once a vision and an action plan. The publication outlining the university’s vision for the future, in addition to the institution’s socio-economic role – of a new type and with new content – and its training and education model, also outlines the principles and criteria for the architectural development of the MOME Campus. The chapters of the Integrated Institutional Development Programme covering several specific areas have been written with the involvement of international and national experts, with preliminary studies also carried out.

The MOME Laboratory played a major role in the preparation and implementation of the architectural design call for applications for campus development, and was involved on a daily basis in the management and control of the design programmes for the various architectural phase, from the design consultations through the final architectural decisions to the details of construction. The Workshop House completed in Phase I, the structurally complete Media and Studio House of Phase II, the buildings that will be constructed or renewed in Phase III, in 2019, such as MOME UP, MOME Ground, the Master and Base Buildings and Gondűző (Caretaker), are all architectural imprints of the Laboratory’s work; the development laboratory also plays a key role in filling these with intellectual content and new knowledge.

The Laboratory’s work is closely linked to the activities of the MOME’s professional staff and programmes. The common task is to involve the university community as fully as possible in the development processes in various forms and platforms (integrated courses, consultation forums, actions) and to widely disseminate the results and experiences of the transformation to society, given its role as a model. The MOME Laboratory is working on the complete physical and intellectual renewal of MOME, supervised by Gábor Kopek DLA, Prime Minister’s Envoy; the following people are/were involved as team members in the ongoing work: József Fülöp, Zsombor Nagy, Dániel Barcza, András Derényi, Rita Mária Halasi, Ákos Juhász and Dániel Kovács.