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The Innovation Center of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) invites early to mid-career researchers to apply to its first Research Fellowship program. The program will provide scholars from diverse fields an opportunity to approach their research from a design-driven perspective in collaboration with the University’s research community. 



MOME Innovation Center aims to explore how art and design competences can be utilized not only within the creative industries but also for addressing global issues in industrial, social, and environmental contexts. Through interdisciplinary design-based research and collaboration with scientists, engineers, and other professionals, the Innovation Center community generates new methodological knowledge and works on applied solutions for practical problems.



Research fellowship is planned to last between 12-24 months, during which fellows will receive financial and operational support to conduct their research. The research should be interdisciplinary in its nature and should capitalize on the design expertise and practical knowledge available in the University’s community. 

Additionally, during the program fellows will be expected to primarily reside in Budapest and contribute to the intellectual life of the University.



Within this open call, we invite applications from researchers working in areas related to Data storytelling. We especially encourage applications in the following two fields:

Data and participation

The University has a strong tradition in social design - a creative practice dedicated to understanding social problems and supporting positive social change through design methodologies. MOME Innovation Center invites scholars working with data and interested in the aspects of participation, co-design, community empowerment, social impact, to apply to our fellowship program to form interdisciplinary collaborations. We encourage applications that aim to develop or analyze datasets for social or environmental impact, potentially explore new ways of citizen participation and can contribute to an overall improved decision-making. 

Data literacy

As many parts of our lives are increasingly turned into data, it is important to explore the arising possibilities and challenges of data comprehension among various groups. We invite scholars from social, natural sciences and engineering, to collaborate with the University’s designers and data visualization experts to advance research in data-centric information design. We are open for exploratory research proposals as well as projects looking into specific tool development for minimizing the potential negative effects of the increasing complexity of data systems.


Researchers with proposals that do not directly fall under the proposed topics but still offer an interdisciplinary approach are also encouraged to apply.



For further information about the Research Fellowship program, please download our Submissions Guideline.
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Applications for the research fellowship program should be submitted by 4th September 2022 23:59 CET to