Gergely Hartmann
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Gergely is an external lecturer at the MOME Institute for Theoretical Studies and Institute of Architecture. His lectures and seminars focus on architectural history, architectural writing, and other 20th and 21st century architectural topics. Gergely was admitted to the PhD programme of the MOME Doctoral School in 2018, where he obtained his pre-degree certificate in 2022.

Fields of education
architectural history
architectural writing
architectural techne
church architecture
Fields of research
20th century architecture
architectural theory
architectural writing
church architecture


He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at BME (Budapest Technical University) in 2012. In addition to his design work at an architect’s office, he regularly publishes academic articles, building critiques, and translations. He teaches, organises and plans exhibitions, and participates in conferences and other professional events. His priority fields of research include the 20th century history of Hungarian and international architecture, with a special focus on the period between 1945-1990. Additionally, he takes a special interest in the present and past of Christian church architecture. 
His most recent significant print publication was the architectural guide, published in 2022, entitled The Modern Architecture of Salgótarján 1945-1990. Online, he is the author and editor of the website Modern Győr. He is also the founding curator of the map database Budapest Legend.
Gergely has been a PhD researcher of the MOME Doctoral School since 2018, where he obtained his pre-degree certificate in 2022. The topic of his dissertation, which is being supervised by of Dr. András Ferkai, is the history of the Győr Design Company.
Between 2016 and 2018, Gergely taught at the Sapientia College of Theology of Religious Orders. Since 2019, he has been an external lecturer at the MOME Institute for Theoretical Studies and the MOME Institute of Architecture. He currently teaches three permanent courses and one elective course, which rotate each semester. In 2022, Gergely was invited to join the BME Doctoral School.
He was recognised for his research and theoretical work in 2019 with the Silver Carpenter’s Pencil Award and the Péter Molnár Prize.

Professional works

Awards, recognition

Silver Carpenter’s Pencil Award

Molnár Péter Prize


Publication title
Gergely Hartmann: The Modern Architecture of Salgótarján 1945-1990. László Kedves Book Workshop, Budapest, 2022
“Reuse, Reconstruct or Demolish? The fate of modern buildings post-1945 within and outside the scope of historical monument protection, study, Building- Architecture.” Vol. 50. (2022) 1-2. 169–207.
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