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Animal forms

Graphic integration on ceramics with transfer processes
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Edit Vrabély
Zoltán Lublóy
Ceramic Design MA
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Design Institute
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My masterwork deals with the forms of deep-sea creatures, implementing them as contemporary decor objects.
Our slowly disappearing natural habitats have increased the demand to incorporate its entities into our daily lives. Animal sculptures are an integral part of many homes. The masterwork consists of several series of sculptures, with 3-5 elements in each series. Amongst the pieces are objects intended to be placed in homes as well as ones to be displayed at exhibitions. The inspiration behind the shapes, colours and textures of the finished sculptures came from the diverse wildlife of the seas.
My thesis deals with the appearance of printed graphics on ceramics. In almost all cases, the application of transfer technologies on ceramics and porcelain was preceded by a process on the graphic side, whose ancient versions can be traced back to the 9th century. Transfer technologies before the advent of digital culture were essential in creating complex designs at a higher pace. Although the heyday of the technique was in the 19th and 20th century, its contemporary tendencies are present to this day. In addition to traditional manual decoration, integrated graphic processes served as innovations not only in the process, but also in the appearance of the product. The thesis is primarily a historical, technology-based research, which deals with the application of graphics-based printing processes used in ceramic object creation methods, by examining points of convergence and differences.
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