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Aspects of the music industry

Decolonisation inside the European museums in the age of digitisation
Project overview
Student name
Bence Bodó
István Povedák
Art and Design Management MA
Degree level
Institute for Theoretical Studies
Year of project
During my internships, I have had the opportunity to look at the music industry in its most diverse branches over the past two years, a period marked by Covid.
I am involved in the music industry as a musician as well as a supporting professional, moving on from my childhood passion and working for a publishing and management company for three years, where I have been exposed to a variety of tasks from concert management to digital content production. I have also had the opportunity to work on the management of my own band, music journalism and video content production. In order to expand my perspective, this summer I am working on a two-day festival in cooperation with MOME and the Hungarian House of Music, which will give me a better insight into the organisational side of the music industry.
In my thesis, I seek to answer the question of how digitisation can help European museums' efforts to decolonise. In my work, I analyse the literature to understand decolonisation as a museum concept and examine its existing practices through a concrete example. In addition to this analysis, I use in-depth interviews to outline future possibilities for the topic.
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