Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Conscious Textile Research Fellowship

A joint initiative of MOME and Nanushka
Project overview
Year of project
2023 - ongoing
Zsófia Papp
The Conscious Textile Group is currently conducting a one-year long design-led research project on textile recycling. The aim of the project is to create high quality textile materials from reclaimed fibres that can be re-integrated into the textile industry, creating a closed-loop recycling system.
The Conscious Textile Group comprises international researchers, academics, students, and industry experts; all dedicated to advancing sustainable efforts in textile production and usage within the fashion industry. As a part of this initiative, MOME and Nanushka created a research fellowship program with an open call in ‘Down to the fiber’ recycling, aiming to provide meaningful results for textile circularity.
The focus of the research is on developing new strategies and techniques to repurpose pre-and post consumer fibre waste. The goal is to minimise the demand of virgin fibres and the accumulation of waste produced by the industry. The closed-loop recycling approach of concious textile groups enables textile materials to be reprocessed by the textile industry, creating a continuous recycling loop which lowers the environmental impact of garments significantly.
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