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Exploring the Design Space of Data-Driven Narratives

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Data is everywhere and making sense of it is becoming increasingly important. In this research, the focus is on how to involve non-experts in the data storytelling design process. The research aims to create new design tools for data storytelling, while also exploring ways to understand the effects and evaluate the experiences of different data storytelling strategies.
In a world where data is ubiquitous, creating meaning out of it has become a necessity. This research aims to address two main questions: how can non-experts be included in the process of data-driven storytelling, and what are the effects of different data storytelling techniques on end-users? We aim to facilitate the design process by designing physical and digital tools that synthesize the techniques from the data-driven storytelling literature. These design tools will aim to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practice.
In addition to creating design tools for data-driven storytelling artefacts, this research aims to understand and evaluate the user experience of data-driven stories with a focus on sensory, emotional and hedonic aspects. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of different data storytelling strategies can assist designers and data visualization practitioners in making informed decisions when creating engaging and impactful data visualizations for a variety of audiences.
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