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Project overview
Student name
Zsófia Papp
Ildikó Kele
Fashion and Textile Design MA
Degree level
Design Institute
Year of project
In my masterwork I deal with Folk Art as a transgenerational heritage.
The transcendent knowledge encoded in the symbolism of folk art, our cultural heritage, is an expression of a common identity. In the post-living folk art era, I explore the functional role of decorative arts and the actuality of symbols. By studying the development of embroidery in Kalocsa, I seek a contemporary reading of folk art and folk ornamentation, updating patterns and exploring levels of meaning in folk symbolism, with the aim of creating a link between our traditions and the 21st century man.
Vegetal ornamentation is a symbol of the flow of culture and tradition, of constant renewal. The flower, as a feminine attribute, is a symbol of the feminine creative and vital force, which is passed down from generation to generation in the ’flower language’ of embroidery. It also speaks of the inseparable unity of the ancient relationship between nature and man.
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