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My way from manager to independent content creator

Podcast management. What does it take to have a good and successful podcast?
Project overview
Student name
Zsófia Fehér
Gábor Ébli
Art and Design Management MA
Degree level
Institute for Theoretical Studies
Year of project
During my internships, I consciously strived for variety, by working in different areas, from delivering applied graphics to creating an independent product.
At the Design Institute, I presented the diploma projects and competition results of successful students, and launched the Institute’s first Virtual Open Day on social media; 220 applicants participated in the programs. At the Media Institute, I worked as production manager; during the project I gained special knowledge in a new environment and took part in production manager training. The result of our joint work was a two-minute animated short film. In my third semester I managed a complex image design project independently: I led a joint ideation, made solution variations and also designed the final image. In my final term, I produced an independent podcast episode, using the skills acquired such as visual communication, project management, interdisciplinary approach, and many years of work experience in the media industry (podcast production, brand marketing, press release).
In the autumn semester of 2021, I was awarded the Stefan Lengyel Excellence Scholarship for my project on the socialization of the alpha generation on digital devices. To develop this into the MA thesis, I have conducted further primary and secondary research by carrying out interviews with professionals, attended a breakfast with representatives of well-known podcast companies, looked for experts, wrote conversation drafts, briefed the participants of the podcast, organised equipment rental, and hired a video editor, among other tasks. As a result, the podcast, with two sessions, directed by myself, was completed in time.
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