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The functions of inscribed jewelleries then and now
Project overview
Student name
Anna Sümegh
Zoltán Csaba Tóth
Jewellery and Metal Design MA
Degree level
Design Institute
Year of project
My thesis is a series of jewellery that can help us process our traumas.
The pieces are based on gold and letterheads, on which I have asked individuals to write down in detail some distressing childhood memories. As they are worn, the paper elements of the objects are damaged and the gold rings, previously hidden, are gradually revealed. At the same time, painful stories can be reframed and become a source of intrinsic value and a resource. The processes of wear, breakage, rupture and soaking all play a role in the wearing of pendants, rings and brooches, symbolising different ways of processing and passing.
In my thesis I researched the cultural-historical and personal significance of writing, and the early and modern opportunities of "object-writing". I arranged the jewels or jewellery-like objects (seal- and wedding ring, Tărtăria tablets, gold bractate, watch chain, girdle book, dog tag) into groups according to function: magical, practical, communicative and self-expressive. I examined the magical power of signified objects and their effect on the wearer and the outside world. Finally, I also analyzed some of the artworks of four contemporary jewellery designers.
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